Recommended Reading/Watching/Listening

We note a number of Heritage, Photography & Creativity books – here, and in the newsletter. A few favourites :


Adorama TV
Art of Photography
Chelsea & Tony Northrup
Scott Kelby

Learning From

The Art & Science of Photography


Australian House Styles [1997] | Maisy Stapleton

Visual Dictionary of Architecture (2nd Edition) | Francis D. K. Ching

Guide to Sydney Architecture [2006] | Graham Jahn

To build a bridge, Glebe Island, Sydney [1996] | David Moore

Olympic Architecture: Building Sydney 2000 [2000]| Patrick Bingham-Hall

Building World Landmarks – The Sydney Opera House [2004]| Peggy Parks

Building a Masterpiece: The Sydney Opera House | Anne Watson,‎ Richard Watson,‎ Robert Geddes,‎ Philip Drew,‎ David Taffs,‎ Matthew Connell,‎ John Nutt, Philip Nobis, Sarah Gregson,‎ Patricia Hale

Gehry in Sydney: The Dr Chau Chak Wing Building [2016] | Liisa Naar,‎ Stewart Clegg

James Barnet: Colonial Architect [1988] | Peter Bridges,‎ Don McDonald

All the Buildings in Sydney: …that I’ve Drawn so Far [2015] | James Gulliver Hancock

Brutalist Sydney Map [2017] | Glenn Harper

The Devil’s Mariner: A Life of William Dampier, Pirate and Explorer, 1651-1715 Kindle Edition [2016] | Anton Gill

1788: The Brutal Truth of the First Fleet Paperback [2010] | David Hill



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