Scott Andrew Bird

Writer, Photographer and Fitness Enthusiast


This is the online home of Heritage Photographer Scott Andrew Bird. Come inside, and let me show you around.

Here’s what’s on the menu :

Heritage Photography

I love documenting – and researching – Australian history, particularly the first 100 years of European occupation. Here you’ll see a number of Convict sites, incredible feats of engineering and a decent splash of industrial heritage. Dive in.

Straight to the Bar

I’m also fascinated by the human body, and all aspects of strength-training & nutrition. If you share these passions, come and join us; either on the main site, or on Twitter ( @scottbird ).

Vintage Camera Collection

As you’ve doubtless gleaned from looking at the heritage photographs above, I’ve been fortunate enough to be behind a camera for a while now. Here you’ll be able to see every camera I’ve ever used, plus several others which I’ve picked up over the years.

Travel Diaries

Documenting travels is half the fun, so you can go back and relive the experience again and again. Consequently I tend to not only photograph, but write down the details for many of my trips.

Here are just a few of those.

Bird Family Tree

Combining several of the above passions is research into my own family tree. An incredibly fascinating and rewarding journey.